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30 Day Active April Challenge

Get Ready for Summer with this simple but effective way to get moving and lose weight with the Active April Challenge. East to start with day 1 today, or start any day of the month. Complete with a Meal

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How Hormones Affect Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Hormone imbalance plays a bigger role in our weight than many of us realize. Hormonal messengers are communicating with your body around the clock. There are things you can do and change to give your hormones

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Slim down with your 3 Week Weight loss Plan

Slim down with your 3 Week Weight loss Plan Gaining weight can be a very frightening health concern. Being overweight can put you at risk for all sorts of health concerns. To avoid these health risks,

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Lose that Holiday Weight Gain

Lose weight with free help, and real weight loss accountability! Join our group, and get help with your weight loss accountability!!’m super

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What is the Flexitarian Diet

What is the Flexitarian Diet The Flexitarian Diet is specifically designed to help the individuals not only eat healthy but also reduce their carbon footprint.  It is mostly a vegetarian diet.  Occasionally,

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