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30 Day Active April Challenge

Get Ready for Summer with this simple but effective way to get moving and lose weight with the Active April Challenge.

East to start with day 1 today, or start any day of the month.

Complete with a Meal plan, shopping list, and support from this community.



Day 1 6-Lunges 6-Pushups 6-Min. walk
Day 2 7-Squats 7-Lunges 7-Pushups
Day 3 8-Min. walk 8-Squats 8-Lunges
Day 4 9-Pushups 9-Min. walk 9-Squats
Day 5 10-Lunges 10-Pushups 10-Min. walk
Day 6 11-Squats 11-Lunges 11-Pushups
Day 7 12-Min. Walk 12-Squats 12-Lunges
Day 8 12-Pushups 12-Min. walk 12-Squats
Day 9 13-Lunges 13-Pushups 13-Min. walk
Day 10 14-Squats 14-Lunges 14-Pushups
Day 11 15-Min. walk 15-Squats 15-Lunges
Day 12 16-Pushups 16-Min. walk 16-Squats
Day 13 17-Lunges 17-Pushups 17-Min. walk
Day 14 18-Squats 18-Lunges 18-Pushups
Day 15 18-Min. walk 18-Squats 18-Lunges
Day 16 19-Pushups 19-Min. walk 19-Squats
Day 17 20-Lunges 20-Pushups 20-Min. walk
Day 18 21-Squats 21-Lunges 21-Pushups
Day 19 22-Min. walk 22-Squats 22-Lunges
Day 20 23-Pushups 23-Min. walk 23-Squats
Day 21 24-Lunges 24-Pushups 24-Min. Walk
Day 22 24-Squats 24-Pushups 24-Lunges
Day 23 25-Min. walk 25-Lunges 25-Squats
Day 24 26-Pushups 26-Squats 26-Min. walk
Day 25 27-Lunges 27-Min. walk 27-Pushups
Day 26 28-Squats 28-Pushups 28-Lunges
Day 27 29-Min. walk 29-Lunges 29-Squats
Day 28 30-Pushups 30-Squats 30-Min. Walk
Day 29 29-Lunges 29-Pushups 29-Min. walk
Day 30 30-Squats 30-Lunges 30-Pushups

Just click the image below and save or print, the Active April challenge.

30 Day Active April Challenge


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