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What you need to know to find your Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight is meant to tell you when you are the most healthy.  An Ideal Body Weight (IBW) chart is typically based on height, and is a simple range.  This is the easiest way to measure your ideal weight.

This measurement does not take into account bone density, muscle mass or the ratio of fat, but it can help give you a good idea.

You also should to know your frame size to get closer to your true ideal body weight.

To determine your frame size:

  1. Grip your wrist using your thumb and index finger.
  2. If your finger and thumb don’t touch you are a LARGE frame.
  3. If your finger and thumb just touch you are a MEDIUM frame.
  4. If your finger and thumb can cross you are a SMALL frame.

Use your frame size to determine if you should be on the low, middle, or high end of the chart below.

Women's Ideal Body Weight

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