Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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How to Lose Weight Over 40 Years Old

It is much easier to lose weight when we are young. It just takes a little exercise and cutting down on ice-cream to lose that extra weight. But, as we start to age and enter our 40s, the weight loss methods that worked perfectly, are not as effective as they were before. The reason is that as we age, the metabolism rate, body composition, and even the hormones all undergo changes making it difficult to lose weight.

In spite of these changes, the battle is not lost when it comes to losing weight if you are over 40. You just need to use different techniques that you have not used before. Below are 3 simple and effective practices you can do to help you lose weight over 40.

Adjust Your Exercise Routine

Instead of doing just 30 minutes of cardio every day, you should also add a few resistance training exercises. Also, certain exercises like bird dogs, clams, crunches, and step-ups help you burn more calories and will allow you to maintain healthy mass. If hardcore exercises are not for you, add daily walking to keep fit, increase metabolism, and also lift up your spirits.

Eat Meals and Snacks at Regular Intervals

As you age, it is important that you do not skip your meals. To lose weight over 40, you should eat more frequently and do not skip your meals as it hinders your body’s metabolism rate. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, and give those night-time snacks a miss. To help with eating at regular intervals, here is a 1400 calorie per day meal plan.

Drink Lots of Water

Many people believe that if they feel bloated most of the time, they should cut down on their water intake. But, the truth is that increasing your water intake will help you overcome bloating problems. Water helps you burn calories and also detox your body. Drinking water before meals will also prevent you from overeating and limit the calories you take. More water and reduced calories can help you lose weight over 40.

Use the above tips as a guide to start your weight loss journey after you turn 40. You’re surely going to feel much better about yourself and be able to enjoy the best years of your life.


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