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Campbell Soup Diet Plan

1200 Calorie a Day with Shopping List

This 1200 Calorie menu for 6 days on our version of the Campbell soup diet plan can easily be done for a full seven days.  I show just the 6 Day Menu with a shopping list on this page because most of us go out to eat a few times a week.  Having a menu for 6 days gives you the freedom to have a “cheat” day or meal, without feeling as if your cheating.   This has a great mix of nutritional foods to combine with your Campbell’s products.

I’ve made this so easy and it cost less than $10 a day worth groceries.  You can save money with coupons because there are no special ingredients.  Best of all there are only 16 items on the shopping list.

Are all 1200 calories from Campbell’s products?

No, the soups are just the main meals for lunch and dinner.  Most of the calories come from other fruits and vegetables.  There is a healthy mix of snack to give you some fun, crunch, and freedom.  In an effort to explain the menu a bit before you read it, I state raw broccoli and cauliflower, as they are the most nutritious in that state.  If you prefer to cook them, or grab a steamer bag, rather than eat them raw, please do.  Milk is not included for the cereal, as it is meant to be eating like a snack cup.  If you would like to add milk to your cereal in the mornings, please add just 1/2 cup of skim milk and you will not have to adjust your other items too much.  If you are over 160 lbs you should refer to one of our higher calorie plans.   See our suggested daily diet chart to choose the best diet menu plan for you.





That is all you need to plan a week of 1200 calories a day on our Campbell soup diet plan.  Ensure you drink plenty of water – aim for 8-10 glasses per day.    All low calories drinks such as coffee, tea, and crystal light are great additions to this plan, without affecting the outcome. 

Is this a VLCD or Very Low-Calorie Diet?

No, this is not a VLCD. Plans below 1000 Calories a day are VLCD and should be reviewed with a doctor before starting.  1200 calories a day seems like a low amount. Unless you are > 160 pounds you should be able to do this without feeling like you are missing calories. You should still have the energy to exercise which is always recommended if you are going for long term weight loss.  Please also review our 1500 calorie a day plan, if you are male or greater than 160 pounds.  It will give you more energy to allow for exercise and will be something you can do daily. You can always reduce your calories next week.

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