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How Long can I do the 800 Calorie Diet

Question: If I need to lose 60 lbs, how long can I do the 800 calorie diet or do you recommend something different? Thanks! BeverlyAnswer: Hi, If you follow the 800 calorie diet plan every other day,

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Women Calorie needs to Lose Weight

It is important to know the Calorie needs to Lose Weight, for Women   FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestE-mail

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How many calories to lose weight without exercise

How many calories to lose weight without exercise? Many dieters believe that the fewer calories they consume, the more effective their weight loss journey. However, trying to figure out the amount of calories

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Calorie Calculator to Find out your Daily Calorie Needs

Calorie Calculator, how much should you be getting?  Estimated calorie intake for any weight loss system, and suggested calorie plan.  Get your daily calorie need with the latest formula. This takes

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