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How Long can I do the 800 Calorie Diet


Wednesday, July 22, 2015,

If I am in need of losing 60 lbs …. how long can I do the 800 calorie diet or do you recommend something different?

Thanks !

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If you do it every other day, you should be able to stay on the 800 calorie plan until the weight comes off.  Unless you have been cleared by I doctor to be on this plan for longer, if you’re doing it daily I wouldn’t recommend doing it more than 1 week, and ensure you eat a bit more if you feel weak at all.  Take a week or 2 off, but don’t go crazy, then pick a plan to start again.
If you want stay on something daily, which is what I recommend, use the 1500 calorie plan, you can scale back to the 1400 calorie plan, if you don’t add in exercise.
See my chart to find a plan that works best.
Good luck! I’d love to hear your progress.


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