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How to simplify the DASH Diet for weight loss

How to simplify the DASH Diet for weight loss

DASH diet is specifically geared to reduce hypertension. It stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. However, many people are not able to understand this diet. That is why, in spite of the diet being effective, they are not able to follow this diet on a regular basis.

This plan involves reducing the sodium intake, while limiting the portion sizes of the food you consume. Moreover, you also have to look at the nutrient intake you are opting for. Only when you are able to look into all of these points, will you be able to go for the DASH diet.DASH Diet for weight loss

Today, we will explain this diet and simplify the DASH diet for weight loss and hypertension.

The DASH diet

1. 11 servings of fruits and vegetables:
Throughout the day, you should be consuming 11 servings of fruits and vegetables. A serving can be 1 cup of green leafy vegetables or half a cup of raw vegetables. You should consume 11 such servings of fruits throughout the day as well.

2. 4 servings of grains:
A single serving of grain can be considered as a slice of bread or a half cup of rice or pasta. That is why consuming 4 servings of grains is actually pretty easy throughout the day.

3. 2 servings of low-fat dairy products:
1.5 oz. of cheese can be considered a single serving. Accordingly, you can consume 2 servings of low-fat dairy products throughout the day.

4. 2 servings of legumes:
Half cup of legumes or beans can be considered one serving. If you are consuming nuts, ¼ cup of it can be considered a single serving.

5. 1 serving of meat product in the day:
The amount of meat products you can consume throughout the day are pretty limited. You should only have one serving of meat throughout the day. This includes poultry as well as fish products as well; red meat should be consumed sparingly.

6. 2 servings of deserts throughout the day:
While you might think that this diet is very liberal to allow you two servings of desserts throughout the day, that’s not actually the case. A single serving can constitute one cookie or 1 teaspoon of sugar. That is why the actual portion size of the desert is on the smaller side. That is why you have to strictly adhere to it in order to ensure that you are able to lose weight.

7. 2 servings of oils or fats:
A single serving can be considered 1 tablespoon of healthy oil. Accordingly, you can decide the amount of oil or fat content which can be used in your diet.

8. One serving of a food of your choice:
This can include meat, grains, seeds, as well as nuts. You can even consume extra nuts as well.

In conclusion of the DASH Diet for weight loss

Thus, when you’re looking to follow the DASH diet, it is important for you to follow these few guidelines which we have highlighted above. When you are able to consume the servings according to the guidelines which we have provided, it will actually become easier for you to lose weight.

Only when you are able to stick to the diet plan, will you be able to lose weight and also keep your blood pressure under control.

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