Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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Whole 30 Diet Meal Plan

Reset your body with the whole 30 Diet meal plan

In a daily life routine, we do not come to know when we become fat.  But when we realize that we are getting fat, then we should adopt the whole 30 days diet meal plan that would help you reduce weight and you would be slim in a few months. Here are the things that should be your whole 30 diet meal plan.


It is one of the best diets that you can take for reducing the weight because the vegetables are natural and do not contain any kind of chemical or essence. Also, it has protein, calcium and other minerals that help your body to be stronger and remove fat from the body.

FruitsWhole 30 diet meal plan

Everyone loves to eat the fruits but most of the people often eat the fruits because it is not in the daily routine to eat fruits. Also, it fulfills your need of eating something sweet but it does not contain any kind of sugar.


Seafood is a bit expensive but very beneficial for your health and also it helps to remove the fat from the body and you enjoy the good taste. There are different things that you can eat in seafood, like fish, Shellfish, Crab, lobster, etc.


Eggs are very useful to eat because it gives you the calcium also gives you different other benefits and prevent from the disease. You should take it daily at breakfast.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the perfect oil for the people who want to stick with the diet. It is bit expensive but very useful, especially for those people who are suffering from cholesterol disease.

Coffee and Green tea – is great for the Whole 30 diet meal plan

If you want to have some tea then you should avoid milk and normal tea, you should prefer to take green tea because green tea helps to remove the fat from the body and coffee makes your metabolism and digestive system stronger so that you can eject the things that you daily timely.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are also beneficial and you should include it in your whole 30-diet meal plan. The dry fruits contain the proteins that make your inner body stronger and help your brain to grow and improve your memory.

These are the above things that should be your whole 30 diet meal plan for resetting your body.




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