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Signs a Diet Just Isn’t Working for You

Losing weight is a complex process. Technically, you need to burn more calories than you take in. But many of us struggle to do this without feeling miserable and hungry for long stretches. In addition, increasing our calorie-burning habits may leave us feeling exhausted and sore. Below are three signs a diet just isn’t working for you.

It’s Too Restrictive


One sign a diet just isn’t working for you is the diet is too restrictive. Being overweight is terribly hard on your metabolism, your joints and your organs. However, starving yourself with an all-or-nothing diet is a sure way to guarantee a binge. Rather than locking away all your favorite foods, do your best to focus on the glycemic index of the foods you eat. Make sure to enjoy plenty of proteins and greens. Once you’re over 40, it’s a bad idea to follow a very low-carb diet as it may limit your fiber intake. If you’re going to have pasta, rice, and bread, eat whole-food products rather than eating too much white flour and sugar. It may take time to break away from artificial sweeteners and all forms of sugar. However, your taste buds will adapt to the point that whole grain bread will possess a natural sweetness when you’ve reset your palate.

It’s Compromising Your HealthSigns a diet isn't working

Your body will work hard not to starve. If you cut back hard on all calories and fat, you may throw yourself into starvation mode.  Your energy will be low, you may feel cold all the time, and you’ll likely get a lot of infections. Another sign a diet just isn’t working for you.  A real hazard of extremely restrictive dieting is that you may feel light-headed all the time and can even faint if you stand too quickly. As balance issues are more common in seniors than in the general population, a bad tumble from being light-headed could be catastrophic. If you or a loved one shows any of the signs of malnutrition you should immediately adjust your diet. Simple changes for slow weight loss are the best option.

You Wind Up Skipping Meals

There are many people who choose not to eat breakfast due to schedule considerations or lack of interest in food early in the morning. No matter how you schedule your day, do your best to eat three meals each day. Whether you eat breakfast in the middle of the morning or first thing when you get up, make sure to eat plenty of protein and a nutritionally dense meal. A hearty breakfast will stick with you for several hours and make it possible for you to get a lot done while you digest. If you suffer from sleepiness after meals, it could indicate too many carbs. You may find that a high-protein meal instead of carbs actually gives you more energy.

There is no diet that works effectively for everyone. If you’re stuck in a diet that isn’t working, it might be time to look for a new one. The key to good nutrition is to help you make good dietary choices and eat the right foods at the right time. This will ultimately help you to have more energy so you can live your best life.

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