Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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1100 Calorie Diet Menu to Lose Weight Quickly

This 1100 calorie a day diet menu is a perfect plan to help you start reaching your weight-loss goals or get to the next level of weight loss. If you’re under 5’6” and within the proper weight criteria, this can be done healthy over time. If you are above 5’6″, please refer to my suggested daily diet chart to choose the best diet menu plan for you.

All charts and plans are for reference only. You need to know your own body and health conditions. If you have any concerns, see your doctor.  If any of these foods are not right for your nutritional needs, please proceed with caution. At all times, no matter what diet you’re doing, if you feel lightheaded or fatigued, please eat more or consult your doctor.  When you eat 1100 calories a day to lose weight, you don’t need to include rigorous activity. Reference our 1500 calorie diet if you would like to include more exercise. Check out our Daily Calorie Needs Calculator to see what you should eat to stay at your current weight.


1100 Calorie Diet Menu – Eat for less than $10 a day!!

Your 1100 calorie diet menu plan, can be as simple as our one page system. It’s a list of basic individual ingredients needed to stay below 1100 calories a day. The shopping list with menu is simple and easy to use and should cost you less than $10 a day.

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