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7 Day, 1100 Calorie Diet Menu Plan

Why is it that we have a tendency to think we can lose weight quickly and keep it off?  We seem to forget that all weight loss is simply a matter of taking in fewer calories than we use.  That definitely sounds terribly logical, however, it’s not always very simple.  This is why we are trying to make it easy for you to follow a 1100 Calorie diet to reach your weight loss goals.1100 Calorie Diet Plans

An Adult that is less than 5’6″ should be able to safely lose weight on this type of plan.  If you are over 5’6″ we advise you to look at a higher calorie count for your weekly plan.  An 1100 Calorie Diet may be too low in calories to give you the energy you need and therefore can actually inhibit your weight loss.

Using a 1200 or 1400 calorie plan can actually help you lose weight more quickly.  You should never go more than 500-1000 calories below your normal caloric intake for healthy weight loss.  If you typically eat 2100 calories or less, this plan should help.  If you eat 2200 calories or more normally, please use one of our many other plans to give you the most healthy weight loss.

What is the Paleo Diet Plan?

The Paleo Diet has also been called the Stone Age Diet plan.  This is due to the fact that it is based on consuming simple, unprocessed foods that our stone aged ancestors would have eaten.  The Paleo diet plan is perfect for green tea drinkers.  If you’re a coffee drinker, this might be difficult as you will need to reduce, switch to decaf or give up coffee all together with this diet plan.  The recommend drink that you can have in any amount is Green tea.  It is simple and 100% natural steamed dried leaves from the Camellia plant.  Adding sugar to your green tea is still a big no-no, especially the refined kind.

See the Super Simple 1100 Calorie Diet Plan

Losing weight is hard enough without following a recipe with 10 different ingredients for every meal.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people that love to cook and have many hours a day they enjoy finding new ways to eat healthily.  But this plan is for the rest of us, that are time-starved and just want a list of good food, in the quantities that we should be eating to lose weight.

1100 Calorie, 7 day Diet and Menu Plan Paleo Foods

This article is for information only.  It’s not meant to advise on any health matters.  If you have a health issue, together with weight or diet problems, consult your medical specialist for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

If you like this, please let me know and we will make more menus.  We are working on expanding the site to include more resources, and we want to add the resources you want.  So leave a comment or let me know on any of our networks.

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