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Printable Low Carb Diet: 1 Week -1500 Calorie Menu Plan

A Low Carb Diet based 1500 Calorie Menu Plan

You should try this simple 1500 calorie menu plan, almost completely based off of the Low Carb Diet, which is especially recommended if you have any blood sugar issues and are wanting to reduce or eliminate things that go with type 2 diabetes.

It is a comprehensive menu plan helps you take the next step, by focusing on vegetables and your proteins.  This gradually helps you lose weight, on average, 1 lb. every 3 days.  While adjusting to a new way of eating your body is learning to keep off body fat at the same time as reducing the high GI carbs, as a result, you are getting you closer to your ideal weight daily.

This 1500 Calorie Menu Plan includes:

  • Shopping list for the whole week
  • Number of meals and suggested serving times
  • One-page, complete one-week menu
  • Total calculated calories per day

Most people find it’s beneficial to supplement your diet with 30 minutes of walking daily.  Most of all, you should drink lots of water with any diet program.

What is the Low Carb Diet?

The Low Carb Diet is a progressive diet structured around natural proteins.  Its effectiveness is known worldwide as it centers around natural foods that supply the body with necessary nutrients, introduced in a timely manner.  For a lot of our readers, it is the preferred diet as you are allowed to eat freely but in a conscientious way, making dieting an effective and sometimes even enjoyable experience.

Low Carb Diet - 7 Day 1500 Calorie Menu Plan

Download your 1500 calorie Menu Plan now, or try these variations.

1200 Calorie Low Carb Diet Menu Plan
For those who are currently already below 200 pounds, going to the 1200 Calorie Diet plan may be right for you.


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