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200 calorie steak dinner

Easy Diet Dinner Ideas – Low Calorie Steak Dinner!

200 calorie steak dinner – Don’t believe you can make a steak dinner with less than 200 calories.  To learn how to make a low calorie steak dinner today, Just read on…….

Diet Steak Dinner IdeasA grilled cut of 3oz lean steak, trimmed of all the fat is only 163 calories. The trick to eating and enjoying it is to season it well, and slice it thin. This ensures it’s juicy well tasting as well but the fact is filthy will rule the plate which is visually more satisfying when you’re eating less.

Eating steak and small slices also extend the mana time you’re eating and allows more enjoyment in every bite both of these factors are extremely important when dieting and stain satisfied with the food you’re eating.



Ingredients are;
3 oz of lean steak trimmed of fat
1 cup of steamed broccoli

Please salt-and-pepper to taste or use any no calorie seasoning to ensure your taste buds are enjoying every bite.  Don’t forget to grab a free 7 day meal plan that includes this low calorie steak dinner recipe and more.


IMG_4008.JPGLow Calorie Steak Dinner

To adjust to non-dieting members of the family please just add a few starching sides, like a potato or soup.  Need more ideas.  Check out our chicken dinner.

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