Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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Dukan Diet Cruise at 1000 Calories per day

An extensive, fuss-free 1 Week Menu Plan designed for those who are at the tail end of the Dukan Diet Attack phase.  This 1000 Calories per day meal plan includes everything you need for one week of eating.

  • Meals and suggested serving times
  • Total calculated calories per day
  • Shopping list for the whole week

Weight loss without exercise

Don’t have a lot of time to exercise and lead a physically sedentary lifestyle yet want to lose weight without starving yourself?  This PV (protein and vegetable) balanced meal plan gives your body just enough nutrients to feel satisfied. It is a crucial part of the diet as it helps your body settle into consuming only what it needs to maintain its true weight.

Supplement this diet with 30 minutes of walking daily and drink lots of water.

Dukan Diet Cooking is Easy and Delicious

What’s great about the Dukan Diet is that you don’t feel like you’re starving yourself.  It is simply incorporating food that’s good for your body and preparing them in healthy, tasty ways. There are meal suggestions listed in the one-page meal plan you’ve just downloaded.  But if you want to mix it up, try this:

  • Cook with good fats like olive oil, but be mindful of how much you use.
  • Poach proteins in a herb bath. A great way to get flavor without fat.
  • Place quick-cooking proteins (i.e.: fish), vegetables, herbs and drizzle with olive oil on baking paper and wrap into an air-tight parcel. Bake or steam to get a flavorful meal that’s quick and fuzz-free.

7 Day Diet Menu Plan 1000 Calories per day Dukan Diet

Or try these variations.

Dukan Diet: 1 Week Menu Plan at 1500 Calories per day

For those looking to maintain their weight and exercise moderately.

Dukan Diet: 1 Week Menu Plan at 1600 Calories per day

For those familiar with the Dukan Diet and work out frequently.

Dukan Diet: 1 Week Menu Plan at 1300 Calories per day

For those who started the Dukan Diet and wish to progress to the next step.

Dukan Diet: 1 Week Menu Plan at 1100 Calories per day

For those who just started the Cruise phase of the Dukan Diet.

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