Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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HCG Diet Meal Plan – Day 3

Congratulation, you have decided to improve your overall health by getting to the proper weight for your height and age. I can assure you once you reach your weight goal you will have more energy than ever before.


If you are reading this you have already started or are about to start the HCG Diet Meal Plan. If you are not doing this type of diet through a health care professional, I strongly advise that you consult your doctor and ensure you are healthy enough for this type of diet.  The HCG diet days of ~500 can seem unreal, but it can be done with little effort, hunger, and great success, if done properly.

Are you worried about living on 500 calories per day?


If so, this is a very natural feeling. Starting something new or changing one of your habits drastically almost always comes with apprehension.  My hope for you is that through reading the rest of this article you will feel less anxiety and more confidence with the next days ahead.  Crazy as it sounds it is very possible to eat only 500 calories and feel full.  With the assistance of the HCG pills, drops, or injections this full feeling will especially be true.  This diet tricks your body into releasing the fat from your cells, and so you are actually burning ~2000 calories a day from your own fat stores.  The release of fat into your blood stream sends a signal to your brain that you’ve got enough food in your system, and it doesn’t need much more.  Also, if you follow the plan correctly you are drinking allot of water, and eating the some of the best foods possible.  This helps ensure, while your body is burning all of your stored calories you are also getting the proper vitamins and minerals, from the foods you are consuming.


Look how much food you will be able to eat on the HCG diet


You may think that 500 is very little food, and you are right if you are thinking that a single Big Mac is 530 calories alone. The trick is you are not eating fast food (at least not the way you think). There are so many good foods that you can eat that have a low calorie per serving count that you will be amazed that every meal can be a full plate of food.  If you are smart about what food choices you make, you can eat allot of food and actually have very little total calories consumed at the end of the day.


Below are 2 examples of near zero calorie fillers. If you can handle it, can virtually have 20 pounds a day of, and still lose weight.  I would typically have one of these for the starter of my dinner.  I can say for curtain, was completely full and not at all tempted to eat the rest of the lasagna off my kid’s plate.  In fact some days I could barely get all 500 calories in.  That’s how full I was.


I call these “near zero”, due to the fact that they may be ~20 calories/pound but your body will burn that much just chewing.

  • Near Zero calorie salad
    • Handful of Spanish
    • Handful of ice berg lettuces chopped
    • 0 calorie dressing (Yes!! They do make this)
    • Add a few chopped grape tomatoes or a bit of salsa
  • Near Zero calorie Soup
    • Take broth (5 calories per cup)
      • You will need to ensure you are not buying the high calorie one.
    • ¼ cup chopped onion
    • 4 celery stakes sliced
    • Season to taste

HCG Diet Meal Plan and on, Menu

Printable Menu for the Week

Day 3 of the HCG diet is the first restrictive day you will have. Whether you are doing this diet for 14, 21, or 42 days, you will need to consume only 500 until 2 days after the last pill, drop, or injection.  Again, please consult your health care provider for specifics.  The information provided on this site is from my personal experience.  I had trouble finding information or an HCG shopping list for my diet.  Therefore I created my own, and I’m sharing it with you so that this diet can be as easy as possible.  Dieting is hard to get motivation for and to stick to, so this plan helps eliminate at least some of the excuses.

500 Calorie HCG Diet Meal Plan

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