Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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Healthy Snacking 101

Eating is one of the most active triggers for firing up our body’s metabolism. When we eat, our body kicks into gear to process what we’re taking in. The body is always looking for fuel. With the right food source, our metabolism knows how to transmit that fuel to the proper areas of the body. That is how calories are burned. Unfortunately, picking the wrong food source can have an adverse impact on your diet. Unhealthy foods get stored as fat because there is nowhere else for them to go in the body. This is why healthy snacking is so important for your weight loss plan.

Time Snacking Carefully

Are you hungry? That means it is time for a snack, right? Wrong. You should get into the habit of mindful snacking. That means focusing on what you’re eating and when. Sitting back on the sofa and knocking back a bunch of cookies or chips aren’t being mindful. Ideally, you should schedule your snacks to coincide with your meal schedule. Snacks should happen in between meals and at the same time each day. If you are consistent with your snack times, then you can stay on track with the healthier choices and that will result in them being filling.

Healthy Snacking

What to Snack On

Protein-rich items should be at the top of your healthy snack list. Meat snacks, something stores are finding millennials love, are surprisingly good for snacking. They are also very filling. Consider things like sliced turkey or chicken. You should also add whole-grain snacks that can deliver smart carbs and fiber such as whole-grain crackers or pita. Low-fat cheese and a few nuts are also good options for snack time. Remember, these are snacks, not meals. That means portion control is vital. The “hand rule” is a good measure to follow. If it fits in the palm of your hand, then it is a good-size snack.

Make Healthy Snacks Accessible

To be successful with your healthy snacking, you want to make those snacks accessible. This might mean packing up the snack portions into individual baggies or containers and bringing those to work. It will also help to rid your home of the unhealthy temptations. If the only thing you have available is a piece of fruit, then that will make for a great snack.

Healthy snacking is providing your body with the fuel it needs to get through the day. You should never think about a healthy snack as a “sacrifice.” It is a boost and a bonus for your well-being.

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