Menu Plan for Weight Loss
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How Obesity Affects Different Aspects of Your Health

Avoiding obesity can be a challenge. Where our ancestors struggled to get enough calories to survive, we are often overloaded with calorie-laden foods that are not nutritious. Additionally, our jobs and leisure time activities seldom require us to move.

Emotional Health

Obesity can lead to isolation and embarrassment. In addition, there’s a wide array of information promoted at newsstands and online about easy ways to lose weight. Of course, if losing weight were that easy, there probably wouldn’t be that many answers to this serious health challenge. If you’re looking for a long-term plan to build better health and lose fat in the process, you’ll need someone to talk to. Ideally, you’ll find someone who can both answer questions you may have about your personal challenges and simply listen when you need to talk. Your health is worth the effort you’ll have to put in to build a stronger, leaner body. To implement this plan will take more than a one-time eating plan.

Physical Health

Obesity is hard on your body in many ways. Some people struggle with cardiac problems while others develop diabetes. High blood pressure is often the result of carrying too much weight. You may also suffer structurally. Being overweight can affect your bones and joints, meaning obesity makes you more susceptible to back pain. This is particularly dangerous for an obese person because pain makes it even harder to exercise, and to lose weight safely and effectively, you must move your body and build muscle tissue. Additionally, those who suffer from chronic pain may find comfort in the foods they love best.  Most comfort foods are high in carbohydrates, fat and empty calories.

Mental Health

One of the most obvious connections between obesity and mental health concerns is the stigma. No matter how much you’ve struggled to lose and keep off weight, you may feel isolated enough to stay at home even if you want to socialize. In addition, some people who struggle with obesity constantly feel judged whenever they try to build a social life, which can lead to a negative spiral of depression, poor eating choices and chronic loneliness. Before making great leaps to connect conditions that may appear together but not be related.  It’s critically important that you find a support group of other people who struggle to find a place in the world. Obese people often feel marginalized, unwelcome, judged or scorned. Healthy emotional connections are critical for you to remain out in the world and learning new mechanisms to help you make better food choices and find a way to move your body through space.



Social trends such as fat-shaming are corrosive and destructive. Obesity is a health issue that can cause severe, life-threatening conditions.  These include issues such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Those who are attempting to control their weight by increasing their exercise need to be welcomed into the gym. Food deserts, or regions with poor access to healthy food choices, must be addressed.

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