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The Most Searched Diets in 2015 – Find them here!!

Can you Guess What is the Most Searched Diets in 2015?

You do not have to wait till the end of this article to see the winner.  We broken it down by Day, by Calorie per day, and Type of Plan.  Drum roll please……..

The most Popular Plan by measure of all these criteria, is…..

The Paleo Diet Menu at 1200 Calories a Day for a 3 Day Diet.

There are 1000s of types of diets.  Several new trendy ones come out every year.  Most are what you call a “Fad Diet”, but there are some good ones that are typically the best and longest lasting diet plans.  The Peleo Diet is one of those.  Its has become very popular, in part, due to the fact that people are getting very aware of gluten free diets.  The point of the Paleo Diet is pure foods, with no grains or dairy.  This is in no way a bad or fad way of eating.  In fact if you do have any aversion to gluten this is a great plan for you.  If you do not need a gluten free diet, this is not going to hurt you in the slightest.  In fact many people have found that although they are not allergic to gluten, they have some small symptoms (like itchy skin) that can be reduced, by following a Gluten Free Diet like the Paleo.

The Paleo Diet Menu Plan was the most searched Diet in 2015

Paleo Diet is the most Popular Diet in 2015

If you review the Paleo diet plan and list of foods for it, you will find that it is simply full of good healthy foods.  Therefore we have no problems recommending this diet plan to you, and have created several plans for you to test out and see if it works for you.  Our goal is to create all of the diets on this list in several Day and Calories a Day Plans with Shopping list to make your next weight loss effort your last.

Here is the list of the top 6 Diet Plan, rated by approximate searches just on the Google search network.  Coming in at the top of the list is the Paleo diet at over 600K/month on Google, therefore if you include all search engines, it is probably looked up by more than 1 Million people a month.  Second place is the Dukan diet with ~250K/month, and Third is the Mediterranean diet with over 200K/month.  In forth, fifth, and sixth place respectively are the low carb diet (165K/month), the dash diet (135K/month), and the detox diet (110K/month). Again, these are just the top 6 of the 1000s of diets types that you can choose from.

3 Day Diet was the most searched diets 2015

Does this surprise you?  We were floored by this, because a 7 day diet makes more sense to us, and hopefully to you.  Our second thought was a 21 Day Diet, due to the fact that it is assumed to take 21 days to change a habit.  A “Fad Diet” that was called the 3 day military diet, caused a spike in the number of people looking up the 3 day diet.  I wouldn’t recommend following the 3 day diet military diet, but because of it’s popularity, we have to at least let you know why a 3 day diet came up as the most popular number of days to search for a diet.  I like 3 diet days in general, because they are great for an every other day diet, for a work week.  Also they are a great long weekend diet to test and see if you like a particular plan.  3 Day Diet was the most searched Diet in 2015

You should be able to search this site for any of these diets and pin, print, or download a copy to try.  Below is the list of the top 13 number of day diet plans that are typically created for healthy weight loss.  If we don’t have the plan you like by the days you would like to do it, please comment below.  We want you to be able to bookmark this site for any diet you would like to try.  We always include a shopping list and make them a simple 1 page printout.


3 day diet 60K/month
17 day diet 27K
21 day diet 12K
7 day diet 10K
30 day diet 8K
13 day diet 6K
2 day diet 5K
28 day diet 4K
5 & 10 day diet 3K
4, 14, & 1  day diet 2K

1200 Calorie Diet was the most searched Diet by Day in 2015

Most Searched by Calorie Diet Plan 2015Hopefully it does not surprise you that 1200 Calories a day came in first place.  This is the typical number given to women to loss 2 pounds a week, without exercise.  If you restrict your calories, you want to see some results by the end of the week.  Otherwise you will stop whatever plan you are on, due to frustration.  Forth place was the 2000 calories a day diet, which is what a women should be able to consume with moderate activity and maintain her weight.  Therefore if you want to have a forever diet, this is a great plan for you.  It also is a great plan for the average man to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.  All other plans are just variations of the others.


You might be surprised to see 800 Calories per day in fifth place, as it is a very restrictive number.  We only recommend a 800 calorie diet if you are doing for only a few days, or every other day.  This plan is not a good fit for daily exercise, and you will not be able to build muscle on this low of caloric intake.  There are other sources that show the 500 calorie diet at the same searches as 1500 calorie diet, but we would say the same about this that we do for the 800 one.  It is not recommended to go below 1000 without a doctors review and advise, no matter how quickly you want to lose weight.  Below is the list of the top 6 searched Calorie Diets.

1200 calorie diet 27K/month
1000 calorie diet 14K
1500 calorie diet 12K
2000 calorie diet 6K
800 calorie diet 5K
1800 calorie diet 4K


All search numbers where based on keyword research done in October of 2015.  Your keyword research tool may come up with different numbers depending on the search terms you plug in, but I believe you will still find the top 3 will be in the same order.  Hopefully you found something in this article, that is worth a Pin, share, or made you interested in following one of my many resources listed below.


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