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Healthy & Simple Low-Calorie Sack Lunch Ideas

Ever packed a sack lunch and wished you could think of a better, tastier, or healthier version.  Here are a few lunch ideas for you to pack next time you’re on the go.  All of our ideas can be assembled the night before, to make lunch a true grab and go.  If you want to see more, please comment and I will add more.  I want to ensure this website has information you want, not just what I think is interesting to write about.

low claorie sack lunch ideasIt is really important to plan, plan, plan when you want weight loss.

In today’s busy world we think fast food is the only way to go.  At most fast food places the healthier items are more expensive.  This leads to the miss-conception that eating healthy is not fast or cheap.  This is very far from the truth.

The hard reality is that if you really what change your lunch habits, you may have to make lunch for yourself. Our sack lunch ideas will help you take the first step.  The truth is, that with a little planning and prep work, you can be eating far healthier than ever.  This picture is a low-calorie lunch that will make you fill full, but not affect your waistline negatively.

The hard part is deciding if it is worth the time to plan.  Considering that the healthier you are the better sleep you’ll get, the better you will feel, and the longer you will live, the small amount of time to plan and prepare is insignificant.

How many Calories should I pack for Lunch?

This is a hard question, but for me, it’s between 300-450 calories, because I know I’ll be wanting a few snacks before dinner.  To determine the best calorie amount for your healthy sack lunch, it is good to start with knowing your weight, ideal body weight, and eating habits.  The reason we have to start with this is that simply we are all different and have very different eating habits.  For example, I love to snack.  I know that I will want to eat a snack at 3pm if I had lunch at noon. My husband, on the other hand, can easily go from noon to dinner at 7pm without the urge to snack at all.  This difference is partly due to my bodies blood sugar regulation, versus his.  Being honest with yourself about your habits will greatly increase your ability to improve your eating habits and overall health.

I like the rule of fourths.  I don’t know if this is a real rule or I made it up, but it is easy to remember.  Click on the link below to find your daily calorie needs.

Daily Calorie Needs/4 = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snacks

The simple answer to how many calories should I pack for lunch is to know your needed caloric intake for your goal weight.  I will use mine as an example of how I calculate my lunch calories.  My suggested intake is 1800 Calories a day (Woman that is 5’5″, although I still think I’m 5’6″), therefore my simple low-calorie sack lunch ideas would need to be around  ~450 (~300 if I need to lose a few pounds this week). The above picture is a great example of a low-calorie lunch if you are having a birthday party at work, you had a large breakfast, or are planning a dinner out.

Adjust if you are going out with co-workers for lunch.

If you are going to eat a bigger lunch or go out with friends, you can adjust your breakfast to allow for more lunch calories like the below picture.

IMG_2983-480x640-320x320How can I pack for the whole Day?

I wish I could include 100 examples of a full day, but you can check out my 7-day plan to see more.  I am getting close to it with the Menu choices I have on this website.  But the below is a great example of how to quickly plan out your day and still have dessert or drinks with friends while staying on your healthy weight loss plan.

IMG_2988-640x480-300x225Check out all the categories, which will help you, get the best ideas for you.  Please subscribe if you want more menus and ideas, or comment on what you would like more of.

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